Frequently Asked Questions

Placing my order

+-How it works

You can find out how it works by visiting our ‘How it works’ page.

+-How can I find out how much my mobile phone is worth?

You can either type your handset make and model or IMEI number into the quick search box on the top right hand side of the website. Or search your phones make and model on our sell my mobile page.

+-Do you accept stolen and counterfeit phones?

No, we don’t accept stolen and counterfeit phones. These orders will not be accepted

+-Can I trade in any mobile phone?

Yes, you can trade in any mobile phone you want as long as it is on our database. If your used mobile phone is not listed, the chances are this model is currently not in our database yet or we no longer buy that model. We can still safely dispose of any phone with no value.

If you think your phone should be listed, please get in touch at

+-How many mobile phones can I trade in?

You can send as many mobile phones as you want, although you can only send 3 phones in any one order. If you intend to send us more than 10 mobile phones, you can contact our team at

+-I want to send in extra phones with my order, can I?

You can send in as many phones as you want but please make sure you check their value on our website first to avoid disappointment, as we cannot pay for devices with no value. We will safely dispose of any unusable phones.

If you have 10 or more phones to send in, just get in touch at and we’ll organise courier collection for you.

+-What happens to the phones I send in?

The used handsets are thoroughly checked by a technician to assess their condition. For most phones, if your phone is in good working condition it will be re-commissioned to be sent on to people in developing countries where the cost of a new phone is sometimes unaffordable. If your phone is beyond repair, it can’t just be chucked in the bin like general rubbish; it will be recycled and disposed of correctly.

+-Can I buy used mobile phones from you?

At this time, we do not have mobile phones available for purchase.

+-How will you know it is my mobile phone?

Your mobile device will be picked up by our Bounce courier service, and it will be kept in a sealed poly bubble bag to protect and secure your mobile phone. Please make sure that you collect a receipt slip from our courier service at the time of collection. The slip will show your order number, and the phone’s IMEI number. The IMEI number is a unique identification number and is the safest way to identify your mobile phone. Type *#06# into your phone to get your IMEI code.

+-Do you accept broken mobile phones?

Yes. We pay a reduced amount for phones that are not working. The price we quote on the website is for a working phone, once inspected we will offer you a revised quote based on the condition of your phone.

+-What is the definition of a mobile phone in full working order?

Valuation price of a ‘working mobile phone’ means:

  • Power On/Off – Device powers up and holds a charge
  • Display – Touch screen functions properly
  • Keys and Buttons - Mechanical keys and buttons function properly
  • Display screen is not chipped or cracked and has no LCD bleeding or discoloration
  • Enclosure is of original manufactures, not cracked, fractured or bent
  • Battery is not swollen
  • Keys and buttons intact and not partially cracked
  • Find My iPhone/iCloud/Android/Google Smart Lock and/or Carrier activation locks and password have been disabled

+-How do I know what model of mobile phone I have?

The model of the mobile phone is found on a barcode label under the battery on most models. Take out the battery and look carefully at the label.

For Apple iPhones, go to which explains in full how to identify your model.

+-What if my mobile phone is not in full working order?

We may pay a reduced amount for your phone if it is not in full working order. We will ensure that it is either repaired so that it can be used again or recycled responsibly.

Once your phone(s) have been received and inspected, Bounce Mobile will offer you a revised price via email based on the results of the phone inspection and our Customer Representative will call you to your provided contact number. If you do not reply within 14 days, we will pay the revised amount to the bank account you provided us when placing your order.

Bounce Mobile cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of emails because of spam email or junk filters. We’ll make our best efforts to reach you via phone calls as well. Unfortunately phones cannot be returned after this 14 day period.

If you choose to decline the offer within the 14 day period, we can return the phone(s) to you for free. Please allow up to 3 working days to receive your returned phone.

+-Do you charge to send my phone back if I don’t like the revised quote?

No! We promise we will send your phone back for free if you’re not entirely happy with our quote.

+-What is "Water Damage"?

Any liquid that gets inside your phone will cause serious permanent damage. Sometimes a phone will continue to work after liquid has got in but more than likely it will stop working within 1 or 2 months. There are indicators on some phones alerting engineers to water damage, typically there is a liquid sensitive sticker that turns red when it comes into contact with any liquid.

+-Why is the price I was quoted different to actual price offered?

If you have sent in a phone that does not meet the working conditions, we will make an estimate of how much it will cost us to repair the phone and we deduct this cost from the original quote when we make our offer to you.

+-My battery is flat, does that mean my phone is not in working condition?

Don’t worry, we will charge your phone if needed. As long as everything else meets the working criteria it will be classified as working.

+-How do I clear the data on my phone?

Although all devices are different, most phones follow a similar path to clear the data. Just go into your general settings and restore the factory settings, which will wipe all data off the device.

+-How do I know whether my phone's display is damaged?

There are two types of display damage we inspect for. The first is if the display is cracked and it will look as though it is bleeding. The second is if the display is feint or patchy, so either the whole screen is difficult to read, or parts of the display are blank or discoloured. In all of these cases we will have to replace the display which is typically the most expensive component in a device.

+-Why is my phone not on your list?

Some older phones may not be listed on our website, however you can still send them into us to be recycled. If you think that we are missing a phone that should be listed, get in touch at

+-If my phone is blocked, can I still send it in?

If your phone has been blocked (registered as lost or stolen) we do not accept these phones. These orders will not be accepted.

+-My phone is locked to one network, can I still send it?

If your phone is locked to a network we will still offer you the valued price as long as your phone meets our working conditions.

+-My phone is not worth anything? Why?

Unfortunately if there is no demand for your old handset we won’t be able to sell it, however mobile phones in good working order are sent to developing countries around the world to be reused. If the device cannot be economically repaired, it can still be used for parts or recycled according to environmental requirements.

My account

+-I’ve forgotten my user name.

By default, your username is the email address you entered when placing your order. If you’ve forgotten your username (email address), just get in touch by calling us at 6223 9171 and we can look up your order for you.

+-I’ve forgotten my password.

Just click the sign in button and select the “forgotten my password” link to get your password emailed to you. Once you’ve received your password reminder, you have the option in your account to edit your password and change it to something more memorable.

+-How do I view my order history?

You can view your order history simply by signing in with your user name and password. You will be automatically directed to your account history.

+-I received an identification query email. What’s this?

If you receive this email unfortunately it means that we’ve had an issue accepting your evidence of identity, you can scan and email us your NRIC or your passport for our further verification.

+-Why do you want my identification?

Bounce is a registered Second-Hand Dealer and under the Second Hand Dealer Licence, we are required by law to obtain proof of identity from every person attempting to sell goods to us. The proof of identity requirement is solely used for helping the police track down goods reported as lost or stolen. During the collection of mobile phone from you, our Bounce courier service will have to verify your particulars with the help of your NRIC or Passport.

+-Can I send my ID to you?

Yes, you can email us at with a copy of your ID. Please make sure you add your full name and order number within the email so that we can assign your information correctly.

+-Will my Identification details be shared?

The proof of identity requirement is solely used for helping the police track down lost and stolen goods and if requested by the police, we are obliged to disclose your ID.

Sending my mobile phone

+-How do I send in my mobile phone?

Our customer service will contact you after we receive your order to arrange the date and time (during office hours) to collect the mobile phone from you. The collection point can be your residential address or your work office. Please make sure that your phone and NRIC or passport is ready for verifications by our courier service.

+-What do I need to send in with my phone?

If you are sending a used handset we just need the phone complete with battery and the stylus (if it came with one Remember: you can keep the box, charger and other accessories, we only need your old phone!

+-I sent my SIM card with my phone, can I get it back?

Unfortunately if we receive your SIM or memory card with your phone, these are non-returnable, they will be securely destroyed and recycled.

+-Do I have to pay for sending back the phone to me?

No, we will send back your mobile phone to you at no charge.

+-What do I have to do when your courier service come over to collect my mobile phone from me?

Please make sure that our Courier Service personnel carries with him the company pass, and the Device Pick UP Letter. On the document, it will show your order number, your name, your NRIC or Passport number, date of birth, address, and contact numbers. It will also show your phone model/make and its IMEI number.

Please share your NRIC or passport to him to verify your identity. Once verified, please hand over the mobile phone to him. He will verify your phone and its IMEI as per the document. Please sign the Pick Up Letter and retain a copy as proof of collection and handling over of the mobile phone.

The collection is totally Free

Please call us at 6223 9171 if you have any doubts

+-How do I know when you have my phone?

Once we inspect the device(s) we will send you an email to let you know we have it, how much the device has been valued at and when you will be paid. Once we have inspected your device, you should be paid within 3 working days.


+-What payment methods do you offer?

For now, we offer payment via Bank Transfer and Cheque payment.

We would like to hear your feedback if you think we should be providing alternative methods of payment. Just send us an email at

+-When will I receive payment?

As soon as our team have inspected and valued your phone and received your ID, we will post payment into your account within 3 to 4 business days. It may take up to 3-5 days for payment to show up in your account.

+-I’ve given you the wrong payment details, what should I do?

You have the option to amend your payment details up until you receive your Bounce email confirmation of your valuation. Just sign in and click on edit your details to amend your payment details.

+-My payment is late! What should I do?

It may take 3-5 days for payment to show in your account once we have processed it, if after this time you still have not received payment. Just get in touch on

+-How long is my valuation valid for?

The price we offer you is valid for 7 calendar days from the date of placing your order; a delay in your device getting to us may change the value of your handset.

+-I am having issues logging onto your website.

That shouldn’t be happening… Please let us know if you’re having trouble navigating or using the website by emailing us at and we’ll get onto fixing it straight away.