Mobile Phone Recycling

Why We Buy Your Used Mobile Phone

So why are we so keen to buy your used mobile phone from you? Well not only do we want to give you money, we want to help save the planet too by easing the pressure on landfill and ensuring all harmful components are recycled carefully.

Every year, it’s estimated that 14 million handsets are replaced with upgrades rendering old mobile phones insignificant. If more people were aware of how mobile phone recycling practices work and how deeply it impacts on the world economy, the planet would spin a lot more smoothly.

So here at Bounce Mobile, we buy your mobile phone to help the great spherical thing we live on. BUT you get a great deal out of it as well! By recycling your old mobile phone, your pocket gets rewarded, but even better than that the planet gets rewarded too.

Where Old Mobile Phones Go

You may not know it but your mobile phone is an extremely powerful tool for change. Being able to interact with our friends, families and colleagues seems simple to us but think about how difficult it is for people in developing countries who lack this instant communication.

If your mobile phone is in good working condition it will be re-commissioned to be sent on to people in developing countries where the cost of a new mobile phone is sometimes unaffordable. Your used mobile phones will play a major part in people’s lives.

By recycling your handset with Bounce Mobile, you are helping the world economically, politically and socially. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.

What Happens To Broken Mobile Phones

If your mobile phone is beyond repair, it can’t just be chucked in the bin like general rubbish. Mobile phones contain toxic materials that are harmful to the planet and need to be disposed of correctly.

Many of these rejected mobile phones are tossed into landfills without a second thought. By keeping these devices out of landfill, we are avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and conserving our planets natural resources.

Bounce Mobile are committed to doing everything possible to ensure broken handsets are treated in a responsible manner. We are fully environmentally accredited under the ISO 14001 Standard directives on recycling goods. This means less mobile handsets are being sent to landfills.

By sending us your mobile phone for recycling, you help save the planet. By encouraging others to do the same you can make a real difference.