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Apple iPhone 6 16GB

Attention IOS7 iPhone users
You must remove your iCloud account on your device before sending it to us.
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Apple iPhone 6 16GB


Valuation price of a ‘working mobile phone’ means:

  • Power On/Off – Device powers up and holds a charge
  • Display – Touch screen functions properly
  • Keys and Buttons - Mechanical keys and buttons function properly
  • Display screen is not chipped or cracked and has no LCD bleeding or discoloration
  • Enclosure is of original manufactures, not cracked, fractured or bent
  • Battery is not swollen
  • Keys and buttons intact and not partially cracked
  • Find My iPhone/iCloud/Android/Google Smart Lock and/or Carrier activation locks and password have been disabled

If your mobile phone is tested and found not to be in full working order, we will offer you a revised price by email. You can review our valuation criteria here where we explain this in full. If you’re not satisfied with our offer, don’t worry, we’ll return the device for free!’

Price quoted in Singapore Dollars.

Why choose Bounce Mobile?

We monitor the market closely to give you the best trade-in price for your mobile phone. All we need is your device, you do not need to send in the accessories and charger.

Quick and easy free service

Courier to pick up your trade-in mobile phone for Free.

Fast payments

Payments are made within 3 to 4 business days after receipt and evaluation of the phone.

Risk free valuations

Any defects found during the assessment, we will revise the trade-in price accordingly. If you are not satisfied with the final inspected price, we will return the device to you at no cost.